The benefits of organic cotton are plentiful and we seek to increase access to a fabric that is kind to the earth and best for our consumers and the workers who create our clothing.

Organic cotton “uses 88% less water and 62% less energy” than regular cotton.
Using only organic cotton is a reflection of our values. Organic cotton is better for our earth, with far less energy and water used than with regular cotton.

Regular cotton accounts for only 2% of global crop production but 7% of the world’s pesticides, meaning that the production and processing of regular cotton is laden with chemicals and risks polluting the water supply in the countries where the crops are grown.

Organic cotton is pure, chemical-free and all natural. This protects the health of our workers along our supply chain by not exposing them to harmful pesticides and allows us to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

You deserve the best quality product and we test every product with our own families and friends. For any questions or comments regarding our products you can email us at info@merjanorganics.com

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*statistics via textile exchange and thinkstep